Why Knowing First Aid is Important for You

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Why Knowing First Aid is Important for You

Life is full of surprises and there is no better way to secure yourself from unprecedented occurrences than preparation. In the event of an incident or accident, knowing how to administer emergency health care can make the difference between life and death. Equipping yourself with first aid know how is necessary if you are to act accordingly during emergencies. Here is a detailed look at how learning first aid can work to your advantage.

Household Benefits

First aid knowledge can come in handy during emergencies at home. Some of the basic skills that could help you maneuver through a domestic incidence include CPR, fire fighting, and AED training.

A majority of people who experience cardiac arrests out of a hospital die. When CPR is performed in the first few minutes after cardiac arrest, it is likely to increase one's chances of survival. CPR skills can at times prove helpful in resuscitating a person who stops breathing unexpectedly. In addition to first aid certification, getting an ACLS certification can teach you how to keep a person’s heart beating after any form of cardiac trauma. If you have already received ACLS training and it is nearing its expiration, consider getting an online acls renewal.

Fire fighting skills are necessary during fire outbreaks. There is a lot that can happen between the time a fire breaks out and the time you dial 911. Apart from destruction of property, fires can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Knowing how to offer first aid to a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning can be very helpful during fire incidences.

AED stands for automated external defibrillator. These devices can be used to revive an individual who needs immediate aid after CPR fails. AED utilizes high power electronic impulses in an effort to restart one's heart. Defibrillation is mostly effective after a cardiac arrest episode. Brain damage occurs when first aid is delayed for persons who have suffered cardiac arrest. Therefore, having access to an AED and skills on how to use it, can save a person who is at the brink of death.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes claim thousands of lives in many areas. In most cases, people die because the destruction and conditions that accompany these disasters prevent them from access to medical facilities. First aid skills can prove to be indispensable if you find yourself in such a situation. Not only can you be able to offer CPR, defibrillation, and other medical assistance to the injured, you will also observe the appropriate safety precautions that apply in such circumstances. With the rising cases of natural disasters, preventative measures are always being revised to address overlooked safety nets.

Infant Safety

There is a big difference between CPR in adults and in infants. In most cases CPR in adults is executed during cardiac arrest emergencies. On the other hand, the need for CPR in infants arises because of respiratory emergencies or petty accidents. The knowledge of infant first aid can shield your young one from unavoidable injuries and even death. Such training can help you diagnose the signs and symptoms of infections and serious conditions and address them appropriately. First aid training can also help you apply the right preventative measures to ensure that your child's health is not endangered. There are some cases where a child may require CPR. In such instances, knowing the difference between CPR for adults and children will help you save their lives.

First aid training is important not only for adults but for children as well. Accidents and incidents can occur anywhere and there is no better way of preparing for these unexpected occurrences than possessing the necessary first aid skills. Apart from learning how to avoid accidents or incidences, first aid training will equip you with the skills necessary for responding to emergencies.


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