We Can. I Can. World Cancer Day

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We Can. I Can. World Cancer Day

About this video:

With the theme of “We can. I can.”, World Cancer Day explores how we as a collective whole and as individuals can ease the global burden of cancer.

Some of the key messages of this worldwide campaign are to:

Inspire action, take action

Challenge perceptions

Improve access to cancer care

Return to work during and after cancer impacts our lives

Ask for support and support others

In honor of World Cancer Day, Vital Options International, in partnership with healtheo360, is kicking off a major campaign to share our advocacy work around the world. In these videos, you will have a front row seat in the conversations that we took part in over the year. With these videos, we hope that you will gain knowledge, feel support and empowerment, and know that if you are going through the cancer journey, you are not alone.


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