Way's to Protect Your Kids' Skin During the Summer

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Way's to Protect Your Kids' Skin During the Summer

You will have to look for ways to protect your kids' skin the next summer you are taking them to the beach. It is often difficult to equate summer as a season of outdoor activities or vacations under extreme hot weather conditions. As a parent, protecting your kids' skin from the extreme heat can save you a lot of disasters. Here are useful tips that can help parents to protect their children's skin during the summer.

Wear Protective Clothing

The clothes you wear can be the difference between feeling extreme heat and feeling the cold windy breeze. Choosing the right material can make a significant impact when you are taking your kids to the beach during vacations. It is recommendable to wear clothes that are made of high-luster polyesters or unbleached cotton. Their fibers can absorb UV radiations and allow air circulation. That is a great way to protect your kids' skin from damages. Avoid dark colored clothing since they are good at absorbing UV light and can make you feel like you are being roasted. Wearing a hat that has broad brims can also protect your face from UV rays.

Choose Outdoor Activities Wisely

Extreme UV rays can be harmful to your kid's skin. Their strength depends on the time of the day. Parents should restrict their kids from getting outside between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. You could limit your kid's exposure to the sun as much as possible during the summer. Staying under direct sunlight for too long can be detrimental to your kid's skin. You can ask them to sit under the shade or wear sunscreen whenever possible.

Use the Right Sunscreen

Parents often find themselves in a mix up when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen for their kids. The first thing you need to consider is the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of the sunscreen. You want sunscreens that will protect your kids from UV rays for long. The SPF level range from as low as 15 to as high as 75. That means a sunscreen with SPF level of 75 will take 75 times as long to protect your skin from the UV rays than if you were not using a sunscreen.

Keep Your Kids Hydrated

Remember to keep your kids hydrated the next time you will be heading out to the beach for the vacations. You could take drink breaks after every 30 minutes. It is easier not to forget to hydrate your kids when drinking water is accessible. You could bring a freezer with you and fill it with fresh water to keep your kids recharged and refreshed throughout the vacation. You even could come with tasty and healthy drinks such as squeezed mango juice. Kids tend to produce more body heat because their sweating rate is lower than that of adults. There is a higher risk of dehydration when kids are exposed to extreme summer heat. However, you can protect your kids' skin from dehydration by providing them with healthy and tasty drinks.

Protect Your Kids' Lips

Parents often forget to protect their kid's lips when they are taking them for a swim. Research has revealed that lips are a common entry point for skin cancer and hidradenitis suppurativa. Lips are often left exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. You can protect your child's lips by applying a lip balm that has SPF level of 30. Most parents realize the need to use lip balm when their child's lips start to dry up and crack.

Apply Moisturizer

Apply your favorite moisturizer on the skin of your children once the vacation is over. You will need to rehydrate your kids as soon as possible because sun rays and salt from the water can dry out their skin. A moisturizer that contains minerals and natural oil can help nourish and protect your kid's skin. Take care of your kids' skin every day and keep them protected.


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