Visit with my Mom went well

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Visit with my Mom went well

I must get use to this site. I posted a story on visiting my mom on Wednesday. However, I tried to find it an can not. Anyway, I posted on this site how my mom and I have had an estranged relationship for most of my life. Her being a narcissists and a bully went well. I have stayed away from her form most of my life but now at age 78, she really needs my help. I've feared her ALL OF MY LIFE bc she was one tough cookie and EXTREMELY smart. I've always feel short in confidence but as I begin to accept myself, in spite of her constant criticism of me, I will begin to heal in mind body and spirit. I'm so tired of being sick and feeling weak. I have 14 years of being sober and learning how to deal w/life on life turns has been a real challenge for me. Believing one day that it will all come together for me when I can embrace my body and lose the weight necessary for me to enjoy the remainder of the years I have here on earth. I would like to know how it feels to be free and comfortable in my own skin. Love will find a way, I TRULY BELIEVE THAT. In my opinion, I honestly believe that all sickness first comes from illness in mind and emotions. So my journey is to become healthy in my mind and my feelings which in essence will lead to total wellness and health. Wow life is awesome. It is an ever ending journey to victory and freedom. At least that's how I see it for me.


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