Top 5 Healthy Meals: Tasty and Nutritious

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Top 5 Healthy Meals: Tasty and Nutritious

They say that you eat to live and not the other way around. However, foodies out there certainly live to eat.

Are you worried about gaining a couple of pounds? Now, you don’t have to give it a thought!

Enjoy some delicious foodstuffs without caring about obesity or compromising on your health.

1. Rainbow Waffle

Ever wondered that waffles can be healthy too? This recipe has the goodness of low-fat plain yogurt, semi-skimmed milk, peanut butter, banana and some other tasty fruits as well. Having a minimal of 323 calories, this simple breakfast recipe is a brilliant way to have a colourful start to your day.

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2. Homemade Bruschetta

This easy snacks recipe, which takes hardly 10 minutes from start to finish, is a tasty alternative to combine tomatoes with ciabatta that will satisfy your craving for some yum yum food. The content of basil leaves help lower blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels which are main factors behind weight gain.

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3. Spring Vegetable Tagliatelle with Dijon and Chive sauce

This is a yummy tagliatelle recipe that uses an interesting blend of spring vegetables like green beans, asparagus, broad beans and peas. This recipe takes 15 minutes to cook. Being very low in calories and rich in nutrients, the presence of chives can make your pasta healthier and tastier. It also has the ability to aid digestive problems.

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4. Pesto Salad Pots

For a light lunch that's sure to brighten your day, look no further than these vibrant pesto salad pots. The goodness of the honey-roasted vegetables, spinach leaves with the crispness of the root vegetables and the flavor of the Greek salad cheese come together in one healthy pot. It has nominal 266 calories and can be carried on the go.

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5. Healthier Meatloaf

Meatloaf is an ideal comfort food. This recipe has the delicious twist of using lean turkey and beef meat. It also includes onion, celery, carrot, cloves, tomato puree, egg and parsley. It takes about an hour to cook, but it is truly worth the wait. Having about 328 calories, this meal will certainly juice up your traditional meat recipe.

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