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“You try to tell yourself that you’re fine and it’s all good — and you really should be fine — but it definitely affects you. You want to do what you can to make you feel good,” Julianne Hough, two-time champ of “Dancing With The Stars” once said of acne. The same is true with greasy skin. In fact, you’d be lucky to have excessively oily skin and not have an issue with acne. That must mean that there’s something about your skin care regimen that you are doing right.

The Right Kind Of Love For Your Oily Skin

Face it. When you see a pimple pop up or a wrinkle show, your initial tendency is to overdo your skin care, thinking that adding to your L’amour skin care might correct your misbehaving skin. However, overdoing it, most especially when it’s oily skin that you are trying to manage, sometimes makes your skin problems worse.

That said, here is how your summer skin care routine should look like if you have oily skin:

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. There is no season when this triad should be set aside from your routine. In summer, keep doing these three key steps twice everyday, that is, once in the morning and another one at night. You can get away with a third during searing hot middays to get the stickiness off of your skin but, don’t do any more than that or, you will seriously damage your skin.

For your cleanser, pick up one that contains salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid which can benefit oily skin more than any alpha hydroxy acid. Salicylic acid will keep acne-causing bacteria and excessive oil production under control to help you prevent breakouts. Use a purifying toner to draw out impurities and unclog your pores. Moisturize with lightweight, non-oil-based products that will let the air in and allow your skin to breathe. Have a thicker moisturizer for your nighttime routine.

2. Put on sun protection. Don’t skip this part just because you’ve experienced sunscreen make your skin grease even more. Pick up a sunscreen that has a weightless formulation, guaranteed no oil, and non-comedogenic. If you can get a moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 30 grade UV protection then, that’s a good way to lessen layering.

Protect your skin more by wearing proper gears and covering more of your skin surface when you know that you’ll be spending long hours under the sun. Stay in the shade in midday to keep your skin from burning.

3. Immediately relieve sun exposed skin. Whether your skin has been burned or not, relieve it from the heat by putting on cold cream or a sun care product that delivers the same function. These products help your skin immediately recover from UV damage and even fight any potentially ongoing battle with free radicals attempting to invade your skin cells and destroy it.

4. Exfoliate. Oily skin can be very sticky but, you don’t have to exfoliate everyday when you have a great cleanser that can thoroughly clean your skin. Also, frequency of exfoliation must depend on your exfoliation method and your skin type. Those who have sensitive skin and those who have skin conditions associated with excessive skin shedding like eczema, generally must exfoliate less often.

You may also want to look into day creams and night creams that infuse very light concentrations of glycolic acid, lactobionic acid, and the like, in their formulas. These will give your skin mild exfoliation and stimulation daily.

5. Keep moisturizing on-the-go. Don’t stop hydrating. Carry around a mist and a spray-on moisturizer with you to keep the warm air from sucking out the moisture from your skin. When it does, you can be sure your skin will overcompensate for the dryness and make you grease more.

6. Stay indoors when you can. It may be an unconventional part of any skin care routine but, this is one of the best things that you can do for your skin. Stay right where you can influence the conditions of your surroundings.

7. Hydrate from within. Keep your body hydrated and there’s no reason why your skin should dry up and become oily. Keep your skin beaming with health by loading up on fresh fruit shakes and veggie smoothies too.


Summer is one of the happiest times of the year. There’s no room to be worrying about your oily skin and how it might behave this season. Stick to these 7 tips and you’ll be alright.


Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a fashion and beauty writer who has written numerous articles. She likes to get insights on various trends being followed in the fashion industry. She has been sharing her knowledge by being a contributor to various beauty,fashion and makeup related informative sites. She is also a regular contributor to The Beauty Insiders.


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