Stressed About Stress?

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Stressed About Stress?

How many times have you heard the expression stress will kill you? Most of us know that too much stress is bad for you but we’re not all in agreement as to how to reduce or manage it. Some say exercise, others say meditation. How about unplugging from technology or even vacation? Go sit on a beach for 5 days, drink a few pina coladas and that should cool you out and calm you down. Right?

While vacation, exercise, and unplugging are all useful tools to unwind, oftentimes, they are just temporary fixes that do not address the root causes of your stress. In plain English that means while you had the time of your life in Mexico, after a few weeks back in the office, you’re likely to be close to or in the same position as you were before you left. Pop quiz:

Stress is:

  1. working late because you have a major deadline coming up

  2. eating out at restaurants every day

  3. working or playing on your computer or smartphone past 11pm

  4. cleaning your house with clorox, 409, fantastic, etc.

  5. all of the above

If you answered e. all of the above, then pat yourself on the back for recognizing that stress comes in all shapes and sizes. Once we acknowledge that there are multiple types of stress, we can put a plan in place to address each stressor with short and long term strategies. That’s how you lay the foundation for a stress management plan.

When most people talk about stress, they’re typically referring to some type of mental stress. Something that’s weighing on their mind that they can’t stop worrying about. While mental stress is one type of stress, there are several other types of stress that affect us on a regular basis. As we noted in the quiz above, nutritional stress, tech stress and chemical stress can all contribute to our overall stress load. Breaking down stress into different categories gives us the advantage of knowing exactly which stressors are problematic. Once we do that, we can create a well-balanced approach to stress management that tackles each stressor.

So you might now be asking yourself, how can I learn to recognize all these different types of stress and create a plan for stress management? Well, that’s why we here at T+W have created an online course called Stress 180 to teach you the tools to reduce and manage the stress in your life.

This course is 100% online so you can learn everything from the comfort of your own home, office or smartphone...just not after 10 pm, so as to keep your tech stress down :). You get 4+ hours of videos, slides and self assessment questionnaires to help you create your own personalized guide to reducing and managing stress. Plus, you can take the course at your leisure. Do 20 minutes on the subway, 15 minutes on your lunch break and an hour at home, any time you like. It’s that easy. The only prerequisite is that you have some form of stress in your life. If so, then we look forward to learning with you here at Stress 180!

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Hi Emily et Justin! Thanks for sharing these tips. Everyone has a moment of stress but sometimes we need help to 'get there'. For me it's staying up past 3 in the morning because thoughts are running - endlessly - in my head. I'd hate to have to medicate myself to sleep so this sounds like a better way to do it.

Jun 11, 2015 - 1:13 PM by Musole K

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