Smile Makeover with Orthodontists in Perth

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Smile Makeover with Orthodontists in Perth

Do you often feel embarrassed in a public while speaking or laughing due to your missing or broken teeth? Dentistry has reached new heights in the modern world. It is not limited to solve problems related to wisdom tooth or decay. These days’ dentistry and orthodontics are far more used in improving facial aesthetics, especially smile makeover.

Types of Smile makeover treatments in Perth

Did you know your smile is the very first thing that gets noticed? So, are you ready for your smile makeover?

  • Teeth whitening

There can be multiple reasons behind your yellow or stained tooth. Like your eating habits, ageing, maintain hygiene and others can play an important role behind the shine of your teeth. Teeth whitening are one of the most Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Perth.

Of course, several market products like whitening toothpastes and at-home whiteners can brighten your teeth. However, the most effective, most recommended and safest option is with the help of a dentist. The only worrying concern here is the whitening procedure is ideal only for people who have healthy unrestored teeth (no fillings) and healthy gums.

This solution is not available for each and every person. However, there are alternatives available in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist will help you out how to deal with your dental health issue with the help of which dentistry.

  • Treatments for gummy smile

Sometimes you may observe that in spite of having all teeth, your smile just look bit awkward as compared to others due to disproportionate gums and teeth. This could be a gummy smile. With the help of dentistry known as gum contouring, the dentist applies dental lasers and blades to reshape your gums. In the case of diminishing gums, generally, the dentists prefer a gingival (gum) graft.

  • Treatments for missing teeth

Either your one tooth is missing or more teeth are missing, there are many safe and trusted dental treatments are available in Perth. Dentures, dental implants, and bridges can deal with your missing tooth. Dentures are crafted to fit your natural facial dimensions. On the other hand, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root which is fixed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

Replacing missing teeth not only gives you a perfect smile but also helps in having a perfect bite.

  • Teeth straightening

Invisalign straightens your teeth without spotting an unsightly metal frame in your mouth. However, braces are the most widespread technique of straightening your since they improve oral health and overall dental aesthetics. Both treatments effectively align your teeth. Properly alignment improve your smile aesthetics.

  • Treatments for chipped or broken teeth

Dental crowns and veneers are the best treatment options for chipped or broken teeth. In addition, you can get corrected your broken, damaged or chipped teeth with the help Orthodontics treatments such as invisalign and braces. Orthodontics treatments are performed to fix the issues like gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, or misaligned teeth. Between the two procedures of braces and invisalign, invisalign are preferred for treating small gaps or slightly crooked teeth.

Many a times, dental veneers are also preferred. A dental veneer is a shell or layer of tooth-colored porcelain or composite which is fixed over the facial surfaces to correct worn tooth enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing, discoloration and chips or cracks.

Orthodontics treatments at Clear Choice Dental – Perth

At Clear Choice Dental, we provide best treatments of smile makeover where you no need to worry about any possible side effects. Most of the people fear about the pain, but feel free. We ensure that with proper anesthesia, you should only sense pressure/pushing, not pain.

If you want to give your smile a shine, reach out and contact Clear Choice Dental (CCD) in Yokine, Maddington, and Joondalup. The team of CCD is expert in all areas of cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists will examine your mouth and recommend whether you need a veneer or a crown to makeover your smile.

To know more about the dental clinics and excellent and affordable dental services it provides, call 1800 246 423 or visit Hurry up for FREE consultation at Clear Choice Dental, which is available for limited time only. Offer is valid on selected services within implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, and orthodontics only. Our regular services are also reasonable and mostly covered by various insurance plans.


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