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h360 HealthTalk: Rachel Zinman | Yoga for Diabetes

by Team healtheo360

Dave and Courtland sit down with Rachel Zinman, an expert yoga instructor and an award-winning musician, writer, and amateur filmmaker. Rachel...

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Treatment of purulent wounds

by Tom C

The main thing in the treatment of purulent wounds is dressings used in combination with medicamental and physiotherapeutic treatment.Bandages in the ...

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Here we go....

by Michael M

I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer January 29, 2018 and am having an Esophagectomy in two weeks, April 3, 2018.

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6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Fatal Blood Clot

by Boris D

Out of all blood clots reported in the United States, up to 70% are provoked by controllable risk factors like diet, exercise, and lifestyle choice...

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Hoarders Neighbor finds 14 rats in garage and more in the pool

by Dorothy B

Our judicial system is getting more involved in hoarding cases. Do you think this is a good thing?

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Sympathetic Definition of the Health Related Fitness

by asifsidiq s

Best thing is that health related fitness actually calls and good muscular strength and actually means that not only is strength applicable.

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h360 HealthTalk: Sora Vernikoff | Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want!

by Team healtheo360

Dave and Courtland sit down with Sora Vernikoff, author of Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want!  - a no diet, weight loss management pr...

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Skin care

by molly j

kin care is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions. They can include nutrition, avoida

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h360 HealthTalk: Kyle Davies | The Intelligent Body

by Team healtheo360

Dave and Courtland talk with Kyle Davies, author of the book "The Intelligent Body," which explains how to reverse the symptoms of chroni...

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The Difference between Dental Implants and Dental Bridges

by Jilli R

There are many dental clinics that specialise in caps, veneers and dental implants Melbourne wide, providing patients with a variety of suitable op...

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5 Ways the Elderly can Protect Their Joints

by Jenn L

While getting older can have its upside, it also has major drawbacks, such as joint pain. There are many things you can do yourself to stay healthy.

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Steroids Are Not the Solution

by Devin C

There is no quick way to get fit.

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h360 HealthTalk: Linda & Bob Carey | First Annual Selma Schimmel Vital Grant Awarded to The Tutu Project

by Team healtheo360

Dave sits down with Bob and Linda Carey, who started The Tutu Project in 2003. This initiative combines humor with art in an effort to raise funds ...

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Will the battles ever end?

by Clifford A

I have had rotator cuff surgeries, esophagus hernia surgeries, ruptured quadricep tendon surgery, and sailed through recovery with all of them. Last S...

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