Living with RA

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Living with RA

When I was diagnosed with RA I had no idea how many changes I would have to make to my lifestyle. I went on messages boards and found out about exercises I could do in the pool, outdoor exercises to help me get from point A to B, healthier foods, items I would need to buy to make doing certain things like opening a jar easier. It's been a tough battle but with taking my meds like I'm suppose to and being dedicated I'e been able to overcome some of the difficult tasks.


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Hi Arthur, thanks for sharing your about your your experience with RA. Have there been any changes in the medications effectiveness and what changes have you made? It's is amazing the reading the stories from the community sharing their journey's from initial diagnosis, stages inbetween and/or recovery. I you you are doing well as you go on with your life. Do keep us posted as often as you can.

Sep 17, 2014 - 3:35 PM by Musole K

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