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Journal writings

Since my cancer diagnosis I have learned how to better recognize and express my feelings and thoughts, and have become more aware and compassionate. I have greater appreciation, understanding and acceptance of the bad with the good. There's a word in science "alchemy" that describes how from simple things we can make something of great value. I don't have as good health or as much money as I did before I had cancer, but being able to share my time with loved ones is the greatest treasure in my life. New experiences help me to live in the present, create cherished memories and bring a powerful sense of freedom and fearlessness. I think to myself, "What the heck, why not?" The past few years have been especially busy including parasailing with my daughter over the Atlantic, trekking through snow and ice castles at the Winter Carnival in old Quebec, hiking the Smoky Mountains and standing on the glass floored Skywalk high above the Grand Canyon. I recently had the good fortune to find my two five-year diaries from the Sixties, spanning my life from age 7 to 17. It was like finding a time capsule as I read the diaries bringing flashbacks of long forgotten special occasions and ordinary days. Some descriptions were different than I remembered, occasionally giving me startling new insight. Writing is my creative outlet and very therapeutic to calm and clarify the racing thoughts in my head that I often can??™t articulate as well verbally. Others may express their feelings artistically. Writing can be private or shared, the process is as rewarding as the outcome. It can bring feelings of peace and immortality to see the connection between our past and present, and our positive impact on the future of loved ones. As a Jersey Girl, I like the songs and lyrics of Bruce Springsteen and have felt the power of love and goodwill among thousands at his concerts. "Everybody has a hungry heart" and "No retreat, no surrender" especially resonate with me. I now live my life more purposefully. Compassion evolves from mindfulness to a more peaceful way of life. My wish is for the women in this book and all people to be safe, happy and healthy. Remember that the caterpillar who thought her life was over suddenly turned into a butterfly.


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