I won't let anxiety take control

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I won't let anxiety take control

I have pretty bad anxiety, I see a therapist for it when it gets really bad. Sometimes my anxiety can become crippling and makes me want to lock myself in my home for fear of everything that could go wrong. It can take on a life of it's own and makes me spiral down quickly - I occassionally have panic attacks, too.

Recently I started a new therapist who has me on a different course of meds and has also given me some tools to help deal with my anxiety in the moment. I think these tools are really helpful, so I thought I'd share them with everyone here, in case others have issues with anxiety and panic attacks.

The first tip she gave me was to ask myself about the risks. I need to ask what are the "real" risks and what is my imagination just making worse in my head.

The second tip she gave me is to think about control. I need to ask myself what in the given sitation can I control and what do I just have to accept.

The third tip she gave me was to think about the "right now". So I guess this is supposed to help with breaking out of the downward spiral. I will often think this issue will lead to something bad, whcih will lead to something worse, and then something even worse, and so on. So when I'm getting this way, I just need to focus on what the issue at hand is, rather than what I think it will lead to.

Talking these issues through with my friends and faimly also helps me sort through my thoughts and problems and what is just in my imagination. Ihope people find this helpful, I know I do!


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Oct 13, 2015 - 2:19 AM by MARLENE O

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