(I see sick people)

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(I see sick people)

Written May 20, 2013 9:18pm

For the first time in quite a few days I was actually feeling pretty good today. I went in to the hospital for my lab work appointment at 10AM. Routine stuff... just checking white blood cell count after chemo. The nurse said she would call me later in the afternoon with the results.

I get home, set my stuff down and run to the kitchen to grab some water. By the time I get back into the bedroom I see that I've missed a call and I also have a text from the clinic asking me to call them about my results.

They always call early when test results are good right?! Nope! That offer is only valid in AK, HI and Guam.

Apparently I didn't study hard enough for my test because I didn't even score high enough to get any credit.

Normal numbers are 1.7 to 8.5. Lori's number...... 0.1 with a (L) next to it. She was trying to be be nice and said it stood for "low", but deep down we both know it stood for "Loser".

I'm totally kidding by the way. I didn't really study.

So I had to head back to the hospital for a shot, and get to do that for the next four days. Avoid all germs, taking an antibiotic, and I might go with a SARS mask.

It was most definitely a Monday!


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