I made a chemo buddy today!

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I made a chemo buddy today!

Written July 23, 2013 1:21am

They typically another person sharing the room with me when I show up for chemo. Today I met a very awesome older lady who hands out samples at Costco. I am not sure if that is relevant to my journal entry, I just thought it was really cool.

I walk in, sit down and start getting as comfortable as can be expected. She looked at me and I said "Hi! I made and ate an entire pie last night! I had to tell them that as I was weighing in this morning." Sad to say that I was so caught off guard and trying my best to not laugh that I couldn't come up with a fast enough response. All I could manage was "I hope it was apple." Apple?! I hate apple pie... pathetic.

Anyhow Madge began a long and intricate story/question about taste buds. ***Her name wasn't Madge. I can only remember that it started with an "M" and she was born in 1940. Oh yeah, and she is also doing an extensive cross-stitch of five horses standing in a majestic field of grains. She is hoping to show it to me before she dies.*** Madge came to mind so that is what I am going with. She wanted to know if her taste buds will ever come back. Did mine ever come back? How is she supposed to know what if she is cooking tastes good if she can't taste it? And don't even get her started on coffee. Even though she can't taste it, everyone makes it way too weak!

I was feeling discouraged when I walked into that room today because I had gained a bit of the weight back I initially lost. Madge told me she eats a lot because she has "no goddamn taste buds anymore" and nothing tastes right. She is just eating a lot because she is trying to find something that excites her taste buds. I immediately forgot about the stupid pounds that showed back up due through all fault of my own. YES! That is what I am going with. I am just trying to find somethings that taste good to my palette. Thank you Madge for knowing exactly what to say.

Madge and I are now buddies. I am pretty sure I will get a wicked hook up with free samples next time I go to Costco. We also requested to be paired up for our next round of chemo in August. She totally turned my attitude around today and I thank her for that.

Anyhow... overall everything went fine today. My doctor told me that it's obvious something is happening, so she wants to schedule a PET scan which will show any cancer activity. Now she said this is a positive manner, which somehow immediately placed me on high alert. All I heard was the word "activity". So now I just want to get the PET scan over with so I can know where things are at. I don't think anything has spread, but what the hell do I know? I know she wants to do this to show I am improving, but my brain automatically goes to the worst case scenario.

I started the bone medicine Zometa today. My wonderful nurse Missy came in to talk to me and said she saw that I used the word "necrosis" on my last Caring Bridge post and was worried that she scared me. Again, I heard the word and immediately took it to the worst possible scenario. After I read the information about the drug, I decided to go ahead and focus on the phrase "Most people do not experience the side effects listed".

It does turn out that I my blood sugar tested at a diabetic level today, so I get to go in next week for a fasting glucose test. Last time we did this it turned out to be the steroid I take around chemo treatments. I am sure that will be the case again this time. I don't want to be adding anymore fricken needles to this routine. I feel my dance card is already a bit too full.

The PET scan should be happening in the next couple of weeks. I will be lighting candles and casting spells for the report of non-activity. That is pretty much all I have to share today. I am still trying to get my stuff at work figured out. My Family Medical Leave expired last week so now I have to apply for non-FMLA leave. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out! I am thinking I can go back at least part time (not that I really want to). ;)

I am still trying to get out to California next month to see everyone. I think it would be good to have a change of scenery.


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