How to Hire the Best Speech Pathologist

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How to Hire the Best Speech Pathologist

The main role of a speech-language pathologist is to prevent, assess, diagnose as well as treat speech, language, cognitive communication, social communication and swallowing disorders. The expert works with both kids and adults. If you need help in any of the areas covered by this pathologist, you need to hire the best SLP in your area. So, how exactly do you do this.

Hire for culture

There are so many SLPs in the world. However, prior to hiring any of these professionals, it is very important that you assess your culture. This is for the simple fact that not every SLP will be good for you. The cultural fit is very important. Prior to determining the best candidate, you need to know their culture. Don’t forget to look at the shared beliefs, values as well as principles. It is only by doing this that you will have a better position of identifying the best candidate for the job. One fact you need to understand is that it is possible to teach people new concepts and skills but you cannot teach them personality. You also cannot teach values and passion. One point you should understand is that there is no good or bad culture. You just need to find one that works best for you.

Consider their experience

It is never easy being a speech-language pathologist. It takes practice for a professional to be good in what he does. This is why it is very important that you consider the number of years the service provider has been rendering the services. The more experienced the speech pathologist is the better. The newer service providers might be enticing when you consider things like cost and promises but only a handful of them will be able to deliver on their promises.


It is obvious that working with an SLP will cost you money. You need to know how much it will cost to work with a certain pathologist. Prior to making an offer, start by learning of the fair market value in the region. This will keep you from giving an offer that is either too low or too high. You also need to consider what the SLP will be doing for you before making an offer. Needless to say, the pathologist will not settle for the offer you give. You should expect negotiations. Listen to the reasons the SLP gives you that justify the need to charge you more. What will he do to solve your problems? What makes him better than the other service providers? Always use the fair market value in your area to keep you from going overboard.


Last but not least, prior to settling for a clinic, you need to know what other clinics are offering for the same. As aforementioned, there are so many service providers out there. The last thing you want is to settle for the second best. You want the best person for the job.

These points will help you get started on the right foot when searching for an SLP. Never hire out of pity or based solely on cost. Hire because the person you are considering will help achieve what you are looking for.

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