How to Cope When You Have High Functioning Anxiety

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How to Cope When You Have High Functioning Anxiety

Mental health and the reasons behind it are becoming more open to conversation than ever before. More people, including celebrities, are opening up to the issues surrounding mental health and anxiety in particular. Although anxiety is a common problem for people who are placed in stressful situations, there are those for whom anxiety can be a constant and debilitating feeling. Trying to recognize and deal with these emotions and feelings are important to help people manage it.

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Understand the Symptoms

Although you may have had high functioning anxiety for some time, have you ever thought about the feeling you have and how to recognize the symptoms? It’s important to think about how you feel when your anxiety is high and note down the symptoms you feel. There may be many other symptoms such as insomnia, aches and pains and other ailments that you may have never associated with anxiety before. Many people see their anxiety as purely a mental issue. However, many physical symptoms can go along with it. Dizziness, nausea, palpitations, and shaking are some of the physical ways that anxiety can affect you.

Knowing Your Fear

Fear plays a big part in anxiety, regardless of what makes you anxious, it’s the fear element that will cause the most distress. It’s important to understand what your fear is about so that you can learn to deal with it. Try to go back in your memory to find out why you have this fear. What was the first moment you can remember when this fear was there; was there a certain event that started it? Trying to ignore your anxiety or push it away is incredibly difficult, and in most cases only offers a slight respite. However, if you try to face the fear and work with it, you can gain a lot of peace and comfort.

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Have a Coping Strategy

Many people with high-functioning anxiety will have certain coping mechanisms that they use to get them through particular events or situations. Finding ways to halt or slow down your anxiety is a good move towards controlling it and ultimately conquering it. Some people find that slow breathing can make a big difference and allow the body to calm down. Others prefer to use different techniques, such as stress balls, repeating certain words, and hemp, which is a plant oil that is thought to help calm the mind. It’s available through recreational sales in most countries and doesn’t produce the ‘high’ feeling that cannabis can.

Other ways that you can help to overcome your high functioning anxiety is to have a mantra for each day. Use certain positive words or phrases that you repeat to yourself over and over again. By doing this, you can refocus your mind onto the positive instead of the negative. If you can use these ideas, you could start to counteract the effects of your anxiety and move forward with the things you’ve always wanted to do.


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