Hip Replacement Part II

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Hip Replacement Part II

This is a follow up to my last post regarding my need for a potential hip replacement. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went back to see my physician Dr Swan because my right hip had been causing me some issues over the last few weeks. I mainly noticed it as the weather began to turn damp and cold, but I knew something was going on as I have been experiencing a dull pain in the front of my right hip. As you may recall from my last post, when the pain began, I thought I was having an issue with my right knee as it felt like the pain was isolated there. That is when I made the appointment to see Dr Swan for the first time. During my first appointment, I was given an examination in the office from Dr Swan, consisting of moving my knee back and forth, up and down, side to side. During the knee exam, I felt no pain and the mobility in my knee seemed fine. Dr Swan then proceeded to examining my hip to try to isolate the issue I was having. When he bent my right knee slightly up to my chest and rotated my leg to the right, the pain was very sharp. I was then given a nice little pair of shorts to put on and proceeded to have x-rays on my knee and hip. About 15 minuets later, Dr Swan and I reconvened in his office to look at the x-rays and discuss my options. When he put the x-ray of my knee up on the screen, his comment was that I had the knee of a 20 year old or something to that effect. Good cartilage, nice bone structure, no visible concern. Now given that I am twice that age, I began feeling really good about my options. Then he lowered the boom... the x-ray of my hip! That of an 80 year old!!! Now I may feel that old some days, but I am a LONG way from that stage of life! Diagnosis: eventual hip replacement! As indicated in the x-ray of my hip (above), Dr Swan mentioned I have moderate Arthritis in the hip along with a few bone spurs. Now I like most have heard of arthritis, but I had to ask Dr Swan, what is a bone spur? He then proceeded to tell me that a bone spur (osteophyte) is a bony growth formed on normal bone. Most people think of something sharp when they think of a "spur," but a bone spur is just extra bone. It's usually smooth, but it can cause wear and tear or pain if it presses or rubs on other bones or soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, or nerves in the body. After absorbing my diagnosis, I was prescribed Meloxicam 7.5 MG to be taken 1 or 2 tablets every day as needed for pain. After two months on Meloxicam, and the pain not tempered by the meds, it was time for visit number 2 with Dr Swan. As I mentioned earlier, my second visit was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I wanted to discuss the discomfort in my hip, and the options that I have. At the end of the day, we I left the office with the following treatment plan. 1. Lose a few pounds to see if by taking some weight off my hips will help or prolong a replacement. Added benefits include heart health 2. Switch to Celebrex 200 MG Capsules, one a day. 3. Continue low impact exercise to help with weight lose. This is my new 6 month plan to see how things go. If we are able to lose weight, control the pain and get back on track, we may be able to put off the replacement for a few years. If we lose weight and the pain from the bone spur is still there, we will then pick out a new knee and let Dr Swan go to work. On a side note: Dr Swan is a very practical and skilled physician, I am in good hands.


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