Hip Replacement Before 50... Really?

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Hip Replacement Before 50... Really?

This past Friday 8/2/13, I had my way overdue appointment to visit an orthopedist for an issue I had developed in my right knee. The funny thing about this issue I was having is that I really cant remember doing anything to have caused the issue, like stepping off the curb wrong or twisting it on a walk. All I knew was that the pain I had been experiencing when I walked or exercised was not going a way. In fact, over the week leading up to my doctors' appointment, I noticed the pain getting much worse when I exercised on the elliptical machine each morning or walked 20 minuets to the office. Some days when the pain was more then I wanted to deal with, I would take two Aleve to take the edge off and even that was not really working. I know I had an issue to deal with and was looking forward to getting this behind me. I arrived at my appointment a little early to fill out the required paperwork for new patients and was taken back to an exam room right at 10:00am, the time of the appointment. Dr Swan came into the room shortly there after and we had a nice opening conversation about the mutual friend that connected us, along with me sharing my story about healtheo360 with him. After answering a number of questions from Dr Swan about my knee such as, if I could remember injuring it, where I was feeling the pain, how bad the pain was, he had me get up on the exam table and be began to do his exam. Moving the knee back and forth, up and down, side to side asking more questions as he worked on me. He then asked me about my hip and if I was experiencing any pain in it. I told him that the pain felt more like it was in my knee but each morning when I tied my right shoe, I would feel stress on my hip. Dr Swan asked me to show him how I tied my right shoe and asked me to point to where I felt stress as I bent over to tie. After I completed that task, Dr Swan sent me down the hall to another room to get a number of X-Rays on my knee and hip. After getting the X-Rays taken, I found myself back in the exam room waiting to hear the diagnosis and what would be in store. At that point, I was kind of expecting to hear that I had a slight sprain and a knee brace would be required for some time in order for it to heal. Wishful Thinking!!! As Dr Swan looked first at the X-Ray of my knee, he made the comment that it looked really good. He pointed out the things he would expect to see from a healthy knee and I was really encouraged. When he put the X-Ray of my hip up, things weren't so good. Dr Swan pointed out that I had arthritis in my hip to the point where a spur had begun to develop. The cartilage that he would expect to see in a healthy hip was all but gone and the thought of having that hip replaced would have to be considered. As I sat there in total disbelief, I could not help to think that if I went through a hip replacement at this point in my life, I very well could expect to have another one or two down the road as a new hip is good for about 20 years at best. As a next step, Dr Swan has ordered an MRI on the right knee just to make sure there is nothing that was not picked up in the X-Ray. This should be completed in the next week or so. I also left with a prescription of Meloxicam 7.5mg once a day to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with the hip. Once the MRI results are back into Dr Swan's office, I will be sitting down with him and his partner who performs the hip replacement surgeries to determine my next steps and the timing of them. One thing for sure, If we move forward with a hip replacement, you can bet my next story will be in the form of a video! PS: on another note, Dr Swan was kind enough to let me put our healtheo360 trifold brochures in his waiting room so others just like me who are patients of that office can find a caring community to share their stories. Thanks Dr Swan.


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