Growing up with Juvenile Arthritis

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Growing up with Juvenile Arthritis

I was diagnosed at the age of 3 when my parents noticed that I wasn't able to walk, and that I would cry at the amount of pain I had in my right knee joint. I got sent to the children's hospital where they diagnosed me, and even told my parents that there was a chance I could be handicap if my knee didn't heal.
So I went through surgery at the age of 3 to heal my swollen knee, and after that was told that I needed to get a blood test every month, and take medication for my knee everyday.
All of this costed a ton for my parents who just moved here from Ukraine, and were just struggling. However, the Children's Hospital compensated fully for my surgery and medication, which was fully appreciated by my family.
So for the next 4 years I did blood tests every month, and took meds. However, at the age of 7, my knee was swollen again when I noticed that I couldn't play soccer anymore. I was back to surgery, then did the same thing with the blood tests and meds until I was 11.
I was put into swimming since the doctors told me that it could help improve my knee and prevent any return of the arthritis. I was not allowed any hard contact sports, which sucked since I loved hockey and soccer.
From the age 11-18 I visited the children's hospital twice a year for a check up, and haven't had a single case of it ever since. Then my last visit at the hospital which was Feb. 2012, the doctors at the hospital told me that there's such a slim chance to be healed from this arthritis, but they assured me that I was one of the very very few who was healed, and didn't need to visit the hospital anymore or worry about my knee. So now I'm back to being a normal girl, and I truly appreciate the children's hospital for their work and commitment with me, and my family.


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Veronica - Welcome to healtheo360 and thanks for a really nice story. I cant imagine being in pain from arthritis at the age of three and all that you had to go through. The support that you are your family received from the children's hospital was a very special gift. I am so glad to hear that you are now pain free and back to enjoying life as a normal girl! I hope you will stay engaged with our community and support others with encouragement as they continue to fight. Thanks again and As Always - Be Well. Dave

Jun 17, 2013 - 5:23 PM by David D

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