Gimme a "C". Gimme a "H". Gimme an "E".

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Gimme a "C". Gimme a "H". Gimme an "E".

I forget that not everyone here sees my Facebook updates, so you weren't aware of the awesome news I got yesterday.

It won't be a pretty sight, but I am ready to bust out a full blown cheerleader outfit complete with pom-poms and do a cheer for my pal chemo.

I don't know the specific details regarding the PET scan results yet, but this is what I heard after relentlessly bugging for news: "Scan came back looking great!! Looks like the chemo did its job!!.

Dennis and I awkwardly danced around the subject all day, talking about anything and everything but the impending doom I had decided would be descending upon me via the scan results. So help me GOD I cried after hearing that. What is with me and the crying?! I had never understood the term "tears of joy" and apparently this is my year for those type of tears. I had myself fairly convinced that the cancer had spread and infiltrated my hair follicles (that one is for you Susan Ellis Necessary).

I will know more Monday after chemo and share the details then, but I wanted to make sure that everyone heard the good news. All of your prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes,voodoo ..etc. really paid off. I realize the war has yet to be won, but I feel more confident after winning a few battles.

Love you all!


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