Factors Affecting the Cost of IVF

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Factors Affecting the Cost of IVF

When you consider IVF as an option for growing the family, there are many aspects to consider, such as emotional, physical and medical factors on which your decision can depend. Test tube baby in India has now become one of the most common factors for which the people has started applied for because they know it very well that how much important is to have a baby at their homes. On the other hand if we talk about breaking down the price of a typical IVF cycle into many separate components,

What is included in an average IVF cycle fee –

This is because when IVF is not treated as a single treatment but a series of procedures, many doctors and nurses and technicians are involved at each stage of the entire procedure. There are few labs and test which can be undertaken by everyone at least once in order to check their ability and capacity.










Therefore, as discussed above also there are a lot of lab test and other tests like ultrasound or sperm prep or embryo culturing for which further you can go and take the test.

What other considerations may affect the cost of IVF?

EGG OR SPERM DONATION – If there are some of the donor eggs or sperm then there will definitely be some of the additional cost associated.

EMBRYO DONATION – The cost of a transfer for a donated embryo may be less than a full cycle of IVF.

SURROGATE – the usage of the surrogate can usually mismatch the whole cycle and cost of the process.

ASSISTED HATCHING – This procedure is often used to assist implantation in patients with poor prognosis.

ICSI – It stands for Intracyto plasmic sperm injection and it is used while dealing with the male factor infertility. The other various factors which can affect the whole process are sperm count and the quality and the cost associated also. At the same time you should be mature enough to handle the egg to help fertilization otherwise there will be no use of it.

If we look on the other hand it is also true that these kind of screening tests such as PGS and PGD, can offer various additional services to the body apart from many already.

TESE – Testicular Sperm Extraction is generally used in case of male infertility where no sperm is present and a minor process is being performed in order to fulfil the basic need.

Clinical success rate –for many reasons every cycle should be made and count so that there should be a high clinical success rate.

Non medical expenses are also important to be considered for the cost estimation.


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