Effective Ways to Treat Depression

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Effective Ways to Treat Depression

Chronic depression is a kind of parasite that eats up all positive emotions. And a person should starts treating this condition as soon as possible. Canadian Family Pharmacy will explain you why.

Chronic depression arises after prolonged stress, psychosis or nervous breakdown: http://www.cfop.biz/psychosis-and-nervous-breakdown.html In this state a person feels worse every day. Here are some consequences of this condition:

  • Health problems. Depression implies a passive lifestyle, a constant nervous tension, a lack of desire for a healthy diet and exercise. In this condition, the best friends of people are alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. All this inevitably worsens health;
  • Nervous failures. Pessimism, bad mood, apathy accumulate negative energy in a person. The surplus of these emotions causes a nervous breakdown. And sometimes he has the worst consequences - a depressed person can create a real catastrophe with his own hands;
  • Losing the meaning of life. Depression gradually reduces communication with family and friends to zero. "And then why should I live if nobody cares?" And these thoughts only get worse;
  • Terrible appearance. All of the above can cause some of the following drawbacks in appearance: obesity or, on the contrary, ugly leanness; "dull" eyes; bags under the eyes; fatigue; ugly posture; groomed hair, skin; for girls - lack of attractive make-up, manicure; bad taste in clothes, etc.

Signs and symptoms

In fact, there are many types of depression. Some are associated with an event (postpartum, the consequence of parting, etc.), others - with age (in a teen age, in the elderly, a middle-aged crisis). But the signs of this ailment are almost always the same.

This condition is characterized by the following symptoms: a constant bad mood; tearfulness; apathy; a feeling of complete misunderstanding; sleep disorders; lack of appetite; fatigue even at low loads; decreased sexual desire; unwillingness to strive for anything; increased anxiety, desperation; distrust; refusal of someone else's help; craving for solitude; low self-esteem; loss of interest in everything that happens; self-flagellation.

It is important to understand that in some people some of the signs does no indicate a stressful condition. For them - it's just a character trait and an acceptable way of life. The person who is in a long depression has no less than 80% of these symptoms.

How to treat depression?

Psychotherapy. Most likely, a person with chronic depression will not be able to return to normal life without help. There are some specialists who can help cope with this condition and other mental disorders.

Here is a list of people who are able to help a depressed person::

  • psychotherapist;
  • psychiatrist;
  • psychologist;
  • neurologist.

Everyone helps by their own methods.

Drug treatment

To overcome depression, you can take special medicines from Canadian Family Pharmacy. They calm the nervous system, reduce susceptibility to irritating factors. Please note that some drugs have a number of side effects. You can not use them without doctor's advice. Only a specialist can choose a comprehensive and useful treatment for you.

Tips to fight depression by Canadian Family Pharmacy

To get out of depression, a person should use some basic techniques.

  • Sleep. To stay in a good mood, you need to get enough sleep. Quality and prolonged sleep also allows you to partially forget about "eternal" fatigue, weakness, reduced concentration and other ailments. Please note that people with low blood pressure need more time to sleep;
  • Proper nutrition. In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. You need to go online and look for healthy recipes. Schedule the menu for 2-3 weeks. Important: write down a list of "on duty" dishes that you can cook. After a month of such nutrition man can restore the work of the whole organism;
  • Phytotherapy. Various herbs improve both the state of mind and well-being. Broths, infusions, dry mixes, rinses solve many problems. In addition, it is an excellent addition to medicines from Canadian Family Pharmacy;
  • Sport. Daily physical activity is important. Residents of large and developed cities has many options available. There are many directions: swimming, dancing, yoga, aerobics, basketball, volleyball and much more. Here you can find friends, which can also improve the course of life. Skipping rope, hoop, yoga classes - you can do daily, at home. The most "desperate" people can start running, skiing, skating, etc. Playing sports helps to shape an excellent figure;
  • Attractive appearance. When a person gets more attention from people of the opposite sex, self-esteem grows immediately, and this influences the mood positively. Make the first steps to changing the image using tips from magazines, Internet lessons, etc.


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