Cancer spread to liver

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Cancer spread to liver

2007 breast cancer. 2012 spread to brain. After surgeries ect... i thought that i could have a break but now the cancer has spread to my liver. Makes you feel like it's the last nail in your coffin. All I've wanted in life was to be a Mom and Wife & see my child grow. He is 7 yrs old so thinking that he will only have a handful of real memories and to live with out me is heartbreaking. It will be tough for my husband but I hope that he can find a loving person in the future if he wishes to marry again. I want happiness for both of them...i wish i could be around to continue on. Not sure how long I have.


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Sarah, you are a strong woman, loving mother and caring wife. Spend every second you can with your son, take lots of pictures together and I am sure he will have loving memories of your time together for the rest of his life. You are in our thoughts and payers.

Sep 10, 2014 - 12:17 PM by David D

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