Can Chiropractors Help Migraines?

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Can Chiropractors Help Migraines?

One of the most prevalent health issues encountered by men and women in the UK is a migraine. A study conducted in the United Kingdom reveals that one in every five women and one in every fifteen men suffer migraines. Up until this year, the main cause of migraines has not been ascertained, though it has been related to tiredness and stress. Also, things like sensitivity to light or sound can trigger this severe pain in the head.

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Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for migraines. The best thing most of the treatment options can offer is to help reduce the symptoms. Most sufferers resort to using painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol while they wait it out until the pain subsides. However, there is good news for men and women suffering from migraines. Migraines can be managed with chiropractic care. You may wonder: can chiropractors help migraines? Chiropractors can help to manage and reduce the pain associated with migraines effectively. This is how it works:

Migraines are caused by a change in the alignment of the human spine which leads to inflammation and irritation of the nerves and muscles. Chiropractic treatment involves the movement, stretching, and realignment of the twisted spine. The neuromuscular disorder associated with migraines is treated by a professional chiropractor without the use of drugs or surgery. Chiropractors make use of tools like braces, straps, etc., for the realignment of the spine. They also make use of x-rays to analyze the spine before the treatment. Aside from the effective treatment of migraines offered by chiropractors, how can chiropractors help migraines disappear and prevent reoccurrence?

Chiropractors give patients professional advice on how to use exercise, nutrition etc, to prevent reoccurrence.

Adequate information on stress management is given to patients.

They help patients with poor posture to adjust to prevent reoccurrence. This is because poor posture, along with prolonged hunching, can put some serious strain on the neck muscles which can lead to misalignment of the spine.

Chiropractors can also advise on different lifestyle choices that can contribute to the migraines. This is because poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and other bad habits can trigger migraines.

They can help to restore normal spine mobility through their expertise to elevate the pain in the spinal nerve and restore normalcy.

The help chiropractic care offers to manage migraines are efficient successfully. Aside from helping to alleviate the pain in due time, it also helps to reduce the severity and frequency of the pain. The nature of the treatment also helps the body to reduce the way it reacts to stress physically. A study of 200 migraine sufferers in the UK revealed that patients that received chiropractic treatment had fewer attacks and needed less medication compared to those that didn't have the treatment.

However, professionals advise that chiropractors and chiropractic care should be part of everyone's life. The treatment option should be used only when the chronic pain occurs. Chiropractic care can serve as an effective preventive treatment for migraines. What this means is that regular or occasional chiropractic care can help reduce the number of times migraine attack occurs. So, yes, chiropractors can help migraines. They can use their techniques to reduce the symptoms migraines. They also offer invaluable advice regarding how sufferers can adjust their lifestyle and reduce the possibility of a migraine reoccurring. It is important that you go to a professional. Going to someone who doesn't have the required skills may expose you to risk of injury. For more information visit


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