Autism Awareness Day - April 2 | Light It Up Blue! #realstories

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Autism Awareness Day - April 2 | Light It Up Blue! #realstories

Autism Awareness Month

Last year, over 5,000 buildings, including the Empire State Building, lit up with blue lights for autism awareness. The effort was not only on a global scale, even the Space Station lit a blue light, making this a galactic event!

Autism Awareness Month is a chance to educate your community about autism spectrum diseases (ASD). Spreading autism awareness is a great way to celebrate the month of April and encourage inclusion, acceptance , appreciation and action in the classroom and beyond.

You can also show your support by participating in the many walks nation-wide by checking the Autism Resource website for local events:

If you're active on social media, share your thoughts or photos/ videos using the hashtags #realstories, #AutismAwarenessMonth, #LIUB. We appreciate you sharing your expiriences with us!

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,i really thought i wont get rid of it not until i saw post celebrating how his mom was free from als disease ,i was really surprised because i have search all angle yet nothing happened,this disease weak me to the extent i was having difficulty speaking,difficulty raising my foot so i decided to contact the email i saw which was and they gave me all the instruction tho i actually purchased the herbal medicine from the clinic,i used it just the way i was told and right now am fully free from ALS disease just as my Dr said and i no longer experiencing the symptoms anymore.

Oct 21, 2017 - 1:49 AM by Donna L

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