Active Backs- Overcoming Back Pain and Sciatica

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Active Backs- Overcoming Back Pain and Sciatica

Lower back pain is a common problem that affects several people at some point in their lives. It is one of the main reasons individuals seek medical assistance. It is important to note that there are different causes of back pain that include muscular and nerve problems, arthritis and disc disease. Pain that arises from various organs can be experienced in the back. Medical issues such as pelvic infections, kidney diseases and appendicitis can also lead to back pain.

Seeking Medical Attention

Back pain is typically minor with a large percentage of acute cases of acute lower back pain resolving within a few weeks or less than two months. However, there are certain signs and symptoms that may indicate the severity of the condition and necessitate a professional assessment.

Medical attention for back pain should be sought if it extends down the leg, increases if you bend over or lift your knees, occurs after a fall, lasts for several weeks, disrupts sleep, is linked to bowel problems or is associated with weak and numb legs.

Treatment Options for Back Pain

A key feature of back pain is the impact that it has on your daily life activities and functionality. Although reducing pain is crucial, it is important to not only eliminate the pain but improve your functionality in usually activities as well.

Treatment for back pain emphasizes on the ability to function and includes various approaches that range from medication to physical therapy. In some cases an aggressive approach such as surgical intervention may be considered. Visit Active X Backs here.

Osteopathic Therapy

Osteopathy is an approach that requires less medication and involves manipulative therapy that contributes to the restoration of complete functional status. Practitioners usually recommend a number of treatments of osteopathic manipulation to determine how effective the treatment is for patients.

Physical Activity

  • Physical activity is an important aspect of back pain recovery and helping to avert future pain and restricted functionality. Exercise programs may include strength building, stretching and endurance training. These types of programs are personalized according the level of pain and injuries that cause the pain.

  • Improving the endurance and strength of the back helps to reduce the possibility of recurring back pain. The discomfort that may be felt when embarking on physical activity or an exercise program is likely to ease over time as the muscles strengthen.

Weight Management

Weight management can help to decrease back pain. Excessive weight pushes your body forward and strains the muscles of your lower back. Even if extra weight is not the actual cause of pain, it exacerbates the problem by compromising your posture and making it harder to align the body. An ideal weight can be maintained by consuming a healthy diet.

Alternative Medicine and Long-Term Solutions

Back pain typically results from emotional, mental and physical factors. People who suffer from back pain often opt for therapies and alternative medicine to relieve or get rid of pain and minimize recurrence on a long-term basis.

Such healing practices help to reduce physical limitations while providing long lasting relief. Alternative strategies need to be considered by people who experience back pain because long-term use of certain medications may not be effective and can lead to undesirable side effects.

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