5 Ways the Elderly can Protect Their Joints

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5 Ways the Elderly can Protect Their Joints

While getting older can have its upside, it also has major drawbacks – such as joint pain. The frustrating thing about joint pain is that it can impair your ability to enjoy life. Joint pain can interfere with even the most basic movements, from standing up out of a chair to walking. While new techniques are being developed to deal with joint pain, including stem cell treatment, below are some things you can do yourself.

Low-Impact Exercise

Exercise it any age is a great way to improve the overall health of your joints. Usually – and especially if you’ve been fairly sedentary – it’s important to do this slowly and carefully. Definitely get the advice of a physician first. For the elderly, low-impact exercises are probably best. Jogging and similar activities resulted in too much impact on the joints and can result in injury. Low-impact exercise will get your joints moving and your heart pumping without actually damaging the joints.

Exercise with Others

Exercising alone is often a mistake, particularly for the elderly. If you happen to fall and hurt yourself you’ll want somebody there to help you. And there’s also the motivational factor. Exercising with others makes you more likely to engage in exercise. There’s also the fact that you can visit senior friendly gyms that have low impact exercise equipment, such as stationary bikes and elliptical machines.

You can also join other seniors in yoga, stretching and other group exercises that are unlikely to damage your joints in any way. At the same time, they will provide your joints with the motion they need and you will get a bit of cardio as well.

Remember Your Posture

People often fail to realize the damage that poor posture can do to their bodies. This is a particular problem these days, since so many of us – including seniors – spend most of our days sitting in chairs or at desks looking downward at tablets or phones. Holding this position for hours at a time can cause real problems for your neck and spine.

Try to keep yourself sitting up straight to protect your neck and all of your other joints. Also tried to remember the importance of posture whenever you are standing or sitting or when you are carrying or lifting an object from one place and putting it in another. Even fairly lightweight objects can cause problems if you lift them incorrectly.

Control Your Weight

There’s no question that that it’s difficult to keep weight off as we get older, but it so happens that this is exactly the time when you need to keep weight off with a healthy lifestyle. Combined with sensible exercise, other lifestyle changes – such as eating more sensibly – can help you minimize your weight problems.

Losing weight will take a lot of pressure off your joints – and particularly your knees and ankles. This in turn will allow you to lead a more active life with much less pain and stiffness in all of your joints.

Choose the Right Diet

Eating the right foods will help you keep your weight off and minimize pressure on your joints. This will reduce the pain you feel in your joints and give you a much greater degree of mobility. But there are other reasons why your diet can help protect your joints.

For one thing, the foods you eat represent the building blocks of your body, so you need to eat right to help your body build strong, healthy joints. Ensure that the foods you eat are full of vitamin D, omega-3 and fatty acids. You might want to take a supplement containing these nutrients.

Joint pain doesn’t have to be something you simply accept as you get older. There are a number of things you can do right now to minimize joint pain so that you can enjoy an active and rich life.


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Mar 05, 2018 - 5:17 AM by Lynda W

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