12 Fun Facts About Your Pearly Whites

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12 Fun Facts About Your Pearly Whites


If you are an inquisitive human being, you have come to the right place. We humans, love to know everything about everything and strive to know as much as they can. So, we decided to tell you a few facts about your teeth that we are sure you will find interesting.

Teeth are something which we don’t really think much about, however, they have many secrets about them. We thought, we will list down 12 really fun facts about your pearly whites. So, the next time that you go to your dentist Melbourne, you will be better informed about teeth now.

  1. Ever wondered if your small friends snails have any teeth? They indeed do have 25 teeth. The fun part is that they are all on their tongue.

  2. Has it ever happened to you that you have fallen for somebody just by seeing their beautiful smile? You my friend, are not alone. 50% of the people have admitted that smile is the first that they notice in others.

  3. The tooth enamel is the hardest part of your body.

  4. Babies only have 20 teeth, and an adult human has 32 teeth. You counting yet?

  5. 38 days. That is how much time on an average a human spends in her/his lifetime on brushing her/his teeth. 19 days, if you do it on alternate days ;).

  6. Mosquitos don’t have teeth, right? Wrong. They have 47 teeth. Understand why their bite hurts that much now?

  7. Is your child suffering from tooth decay? Well, they are not the only one. It is the most common disease in children.

  8. If you brush your teeth daily, you can reduce the chances of tooth decay by 25%.

  9. Are you also a victim of the widely spread misconception that flossing your teeth is not that important. Well, every time that you skip flossing your teeth you are ignoring 35% of your total teeth area.

  10. The “milk teeth” start forming when the baby is still in the womb. However, they only start showing after the child is about six months old.

  11. What you see as your teeth, is only one third part of your teeth. Two third of your teeth are underneath your gums.

  12. Your mouth is one of the most favorite parts of your body as far as the bacterias are concerned; it hoards billions of them. If you were to count all the people in the whole wide world, the number of baterias in your mouth will still be higher.


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