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Epilepsy Shower Safety Device

by John B

This device is great for shower safety!

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How to Protect Your Skin From Summer

by Angina B

So, you’ve calendared your next vacation or, even booked a seat to take you to your next surfing destination. But, do you know that summ...

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Moments Matter Stroke Resource Guide

by Cheryl A

When it comes to stroke care, every moment matters. That's because a stroke can cause much damage, such as long-term disability.

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Common Illnesses of the Elderly and How to Manage Them:

by Alice P

This article gives an insight into the most common ailments faced by the elderly and how to deal with them.

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12 Fun Facts About Your Pearly Whites

by Albert C

  If you are an inquisitive human being, you have come to the right place. We humans, love to know everything about everything and st...

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What Features Make A Plastic Surgeon Capable?

by Sally W

If you're thinking about some cosmetic surgery work, you've got a lot to consider, but the most important decision is which plastic surgeon.

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HOW I GET OVER MY Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)

by delyn b

I was diagnosed of COPD in July 2014. I was on Albuterol Nebs and levalbuterol to ease the situation as i constantly go out of breath when talking or ...

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fibromyalgia disease cure by Dr Abumere

by Derek t

My mother have been suffering from fibromyalgia disease for the last 3 years and had constant pain, especially in her neck,During the first year,she h...

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5 things you should spend your money on to better your health

by Bethany P

Here are five things you should consider spending a little extra money on if you want to make smarter lifestyle choices as an adult…

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Why being a Foster Parent has improved my health

by Bethany P

I became a foster mum almost exactly one year ago - and it has changed my life. Since starting my foster parent journey my world's totally changed..

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Try these three unconventional ways to get fit today

by Sarah W

Getting fit is not easy, almost everyone reading this would agree. In fact, it might be part of the reason you have ended up on this page.

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Know The Best Solution For Summer Skin Problems Like Rash And Bumps

by jazz p

Patience and vigilance on everything that’s going on with your skin are key traits to have if you want beautiful skin to last you all summer long.

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The Do's and Dont's for People with Oily Skin

by Angina B

Do you want to get rid of oily skin? In this article, we share the do's and dont's for people with Oily Skin

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The History and Health Benefits of the Amazing Apple

by asifsidiq s

The introduction and proliferation of Health Benefits other species came as seeds were bought and sold along the trade routes. William Blackstone,

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