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Why Working out Matters More as We Age

by Samantha O

In order to prevent the effects of sarcopenia, learn why exercising is more important the older you are.

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Part 10: My Legacy

by Phil H

Phil muses on how he hopes his legacy will affect others.  He simply wants people to think about him in certain situations, and for his memory...

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An example of my budding aphasia

by Randy C

Hello everyone,As an added benefit to to my young dementia, I often have trouble finding the word/s I want to use in conversation. For some strange re...

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5 Best Fat Burning Exercises for Women

by Lisiana C

Do you want to get rid of that excessive fat? In this article, we tell you five best exercises to get rid of that extra cellulite.

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Interesting week

by Randy C

I don't want to do another week like this ever again if possible. It started off Sunday with my brother in the ICU again. When I left there Sunda...

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Out of the Box Aids to Muscle Recovery

by Samantha O

Learn how to relax and let your muscles recover after a workout.

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Part 9: Researching for My Benefit

by Doris H

Doris talks about searching the internet for ways to reverse her diabetes.  There was plenty of information regarding type 2 and food, but ver...

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American Diabetes Association EXPO - Health Screenings

by Team healtheo360

On March 11, 2017, the health screenings area at the American Diabetes Association EXPO was packed to capacity with people taking care of their hea...

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Part 27: Blood Pressure Readings

by Tonya B

Tonya talks about her excitement when her blood pressure readings showed signs of improvement at a recent doctor appointment.

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Accepting the Things I Can't Change (Self Esteem)

by John B

Accepting the things I cannot change.

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Part 9: Medicine Is Expensive

by Phil H

Phil talks about why cancer is such a difficult disease both physically and financially, and cites the incredibly high price of one his wife's ...

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by James H

Cannabis is a special kind of herb which is used to treat health conditions. Oil from cannabis is very effective in nature as it gives powerful effec...

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Givining it the Old College Try

by John B

I have been in my office all day talking with college amissions about going back to school. I am also been trying to get my old job back at Mc Dona...

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Aging Gracefully: Make Time Work for You

by Elise M

We’re breaking down the topic of aging into chunks of very helpful advice that will help you process this new, ongoing stage of your life.

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