Ramila P.

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Fond of travelling, Love to practise yoga.
Heart Disease - Exercise & Fitness

Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation in Goa

Practise Yoga asanas, pranayama and mediate for physical and mental health. Improve your life with the help of yoga taught at World Of Yoga, Goa.

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Misc. Stories - Exercise & Fitness

Kakasana - The Crow Posture | Kakasana Yoga Pose at World of Yoga

Kakasana, the crow pose got its name because in this posture, the posture of a cawing crow – with the body’s weight supported on the el...

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Weight Reduction Program in Goa

Reduce weight with natural methods without any side effects. Different yogic techniques to loose weight.

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Yoga for Kids | Yoga for Children | Yoga benefits for Kids

Yoga classes in Goa specially designed for children of all age groups. Teachers at Yoga school in Goa make sure that the yoga class is full of fun.

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