Alice P.

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My name is Alice and I am an avid writer and healthcare enthusiast.
Misc. Stories - Caring For A Loved One

Common Illnesses of the Elderly and How to Manage Them:

This article gives an insight into the most common ailments faced by the elderly and how to deal with them.

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Is Glitter Makeup Safe to Use on You Skin?

  Glitter users are in abundance at the moment. Nobody can seem to get enough of the stuff and there seems to be people use it at every ev...

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Technology that Improves the Lives of the Elderly:

  Everyday activities become more of a chore as we get older, so it’s important for us to be able to find certain ways around this, ...

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Misc. Stories - Lifestyle Changes

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

This post aims to open people's eyes to the importance of having good indoor air quality

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Misc. Stories - Preparing For The Future

My Experience with Healthcare in the UK

  I initially came to the UK as part of my university course and fell in love with the place. After graduating and moving over from the US...

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