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I am a Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor, heart attack survivor and WWII Veteran. I have been married to my best friend Karen for over 35 years and we live each day to its fullest. I enjoy a good laugh and putting a smile on everyones face. I am joined healtheo360 so I could help others going through the journey of cancer or any other health conditions. One good thing about turning 90 years old is I have seen it all. I am here to help!
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  - Motivation & Support

A zest for life

I live life to its fullest and I hope you do to!

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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  - 360Interviews

Part 1: My Diagnosis (1 of 2)

Phil opens up the interview with the story of his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis.  During a routine cholesterol checkup, he asked his do...

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Part 2: My Diagnosis (2 of 2)

Phil talks about him and his wife's reaction to the diagnosis.  They were shocked that it took so long to find out, and the lack of urgenc...

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Part 3: My Proclamation

Phil talks about an epiphany he had the night of his diagnosis.  With the weight of a potentially fatal illness on his shoulders, he suddenly ...

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Part 4: It's Been an Adventure...

Phil talks about his treatment, which he claims was quite an adventure.  He went through a grueling six sessions of a modified CHOP chemotherapy r...

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Part 5: Multiple Relapses

Phil talks about the constant cycle of relapse and remission that he has been going through with lymphoma.  He is currently in remission, and ...

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Part 6: Worry About the Blue Ice

Phil talks about the cancer organizations that he works with to help other patients.  He also shares a little about his philosophy of life and...

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Part 7: I'm Not Old, I've Just Lived Longer

Phil talks about a male cancer support group that he attends regularly.  At one particular session, Phil explained why he no longer fears deat...

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Part 8: Unfiltered Phil

Phil talks about putting other cancer patients at ease by simply talking with them.  One young girl in particular wrote him an email of gratit...

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Part 9: Medicine Is Expensive

Phil talks about why cancer is such a difficult disease both physically and financially, and cites the incredibly high price of one his wife's ...

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Part 10: My Legacy

Phil muses on how he hopes his legacy will affect others.  He simply wants people to think about him in certain situations, and for his memory...

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