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Benefits of juicing.
Solid foods can take up to 10 hours of digestive activity before the nutrients become available to the cells in the body. The benefits of a raw fresh pressed juice on the other hand are immediate! When you drink our delicious line of fresh juices they go directly into the bloodstream and actually feed your cells with nourishment in 15 minutes all with no effort on the body to assimilate or digest. LizzyJays fresh pressed juices are remarkably delicious and naturally packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants plus numerous other detoxifying and health-promoting nutrients.
Benefits of doing a cleanse.
So how does cleansing work exactly? Your body should always be more alkaline than acidic. When we eat processed foods, alcohol, coffee, sugar, etc. we can create an acidic environment in our bodies. This acidic environment is a breeding ground for cancer-cells and other disease causing agents. Cleansing can help to remove some of these toxins and acidic sludge through your body’s eliminating organs. To get the most out of your cleanse you may also consider using a dry brush every morning on your skin before your shower (or even better before an Epsom salt bath!)
Results of a cleanse.
Cleansing, if done properly, can help reverse physical imbalances and excess weight caused by accumulation of toxic materials that the body simply cannot metabolize. In our culture, the way we typically eat, drink and medicate causes waste to accumlate and settle very deeply in the cells over decades. A cleanse can help remove this accumulation and open up vital pathways to restore that natural alkaline balance that promotes health and well-being.

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Select Your Cleanse

New to cleansing? Not sure if you're going to like a green juice? Then our Novice Cleanse might be a nice entry cleanse for you! The Novice cleanse includes a variety of fruit and vegetable juices that will give you your favorites to look forward to during the day. Enjoy juices like our Watermelon Cooler, Spicy Lemonade, alongside our popular greens! Perfect for athletes, individuals in training, or juicers who need a little more variety throughout the day!
Novice Cleanse: The Juicy Details
  • Individual Daily Cleansing and Guidance Letters
  • (available with 3-day cleanses only)
  • Cleansing Brochure and Cleanse Guide
  • Access to email support with LizzyJays Support Team
Occasional cleanser? The Apprentice cleanse is a great method to remove yeast and alkalize the body all while drinking our most popular juices. Six deeply detoxifying juices designed to create a stronger balance in the body. The Apprentice cleanse's ruby red beet juices bring their own list of benefits to the table.
Apprentice Cleanse: The Juicy Details
  • Individual Daily Cleansing and Guidance Letters
  • (available with 3-day cleanses only)
  • Cleansing Brochure and Cleanse Guide
  • Access to email support with LizzyJays Support Team
Pro at cleansing? Enlightened is our cleanse for the dedicated green juicers. Enlightened is a positive, powerful cleanse that helps eliminate sugar while feeding your body live, raw nutrients. This cleanse is ideal for those who want to watch their sugar and are looking for a deep cleanse. If you are interested in making even more progress on eliminating toxins, removing yeast and opening pathways then this cleanse is perfect for you.
Enlightened Cleanse: The Juicy Details
  • Individual Daily Cleansing and Guidance Letters
  • (available with 3-day cleanses only)
  • Cleansing Brochure and Cleanse Guide
  • Access to email support with LizzyJays Support Team

How to Cleanse

"How should I prepare for my Cleanse?"
Getting ready for your Cleanse is VERY important! It can make your Cleanse a much more positive experience.
People have a tendency to overeat before trying a Cleanse which will only make you feel hungrier and more frustrated during your Cleanse. Instead try to prepare your body 3-4 days before your actual Cleanse.
Drink lots of water and focus on eating light and clean. Eat smaller portions with plenty of vegetables, fruit, low density proteins (like fish and eggs) and gluten free grains (like millet and quinoa).
Eliminate processed sugars, meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee and soda. Your body is getting ready to take a much needed break from these highly acidic foods so start laying the groundwork before you begin your Cleanse. This will also allow better absorption of the wonderful fresh pressed juices you will be enjoying!
The Ins & Outs of Cleansing
  • Once you’ve received your juices remove them from their bag/box and place them into the refrigerator as soon as possible to keep them fresh.
  • It’s good to have some cold packs ready to go in the freezer so you’re set to travel with your juices and LizzyJays cooler bag.
  • Drink your juices in order from 1-6 each day. Start your first juice around the time you would normally eat breakfast. Drink your following five juices approximately two hour apart throughout the day.
  • You can absolutely exercise during your cleanse. We often recommend replacing intense cardio or lifting session with restorative yoga, a long walk, or any activity that brings you positive energy!
  • Skip your regular dose of caffeine during your cleanse. Instead enjoy herbal tea or warm water with lemon. If you experience uncomfortable withdrawal from the caffeine then just take a few sips and move along!



Everyone has frequently asked questions and so do we.
Why should I do a cleanse?
Because your body is begging you to! Even those of you who eat a fairly “clean diet” can use a periodic break from solid food to reset your body to a more balanced state. Think of it as a “mini-vacation” for your body AND your mind!
Will I have to keep running to the bathroom?
Nope!! We understand why you might think this but its not the case at all! Our juices are Cold Pressed and the fiber is removed; Less going in the body usually means less going out! The juices are however wonderfully hydrating so you will definitely have to urinate more often! This makes the kidneys and other organs so very happy :)
Can I exercise during a cleanse?
Absolutely! Your body is actually getting more LIVE nutrients than it can get from solid foods. You should feel energetic and up for any type of exercise. Most people do find that their body prefers more relaxing workouts during a Cleanse such as Yoga or Pilates.
Will I get enough protein?
Remember one important thing, a Cleanse is only for a couple of days. Believe me your body will be getting plenty of amino acids from your Greens as well as the protein in the cashew milk. Also understand that one of the purposes of the Cleanse is to lower the level of acidity in the body and high levels of protein are very acidic. A Cleanse is a time to help the body rebalance, become more alkaline(the way it should be), and nourish your cells!
Can I still drink coffee?
Ok, we get it but here is a quick overview of the whole purpose behind Cleansing. This is not a trendy quick weight loss thing, this is a healthy approach to gaining control of your body, removing processed and chemically loaded foods and removing highly acidic things like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Try to remind yourself that this is not forever and that YOU can truly do anything for a few days! When finished with your Cleanse you may find that you actually don’t even need the coffee anymore or that you have lowered your intake significantly. If you feel symptoms like a bad headache, take a few sips of coffee and move along. Focus rather on the REAL LIVE nutrients you are getting from the Juice that provides much better energy than coffee!
How many calories am I consuming each day?
Calories are not really significant when doing a Cleanse. Remember this is not a diet, its simply a time to be kind to your body, feed it live nutrients, alkalize, open pathways and lay the groundwork for a cleaner healthier diet! Calories in each program range from about 1000-1400 calories per day.
How often should I cleanse?
We recommend cleansing every season (4 times per year), or after times of excess (holiday weight gain, a night of too much drinking, etc.)

LizzyJaysJuice was founded by owner, Casey Sabol, in 2011. Having been a personal trainer for over 20 years, Casey noticed that there weren't many options available for her clients to eat and drink raw, live-energy foods.
She then began juicing for her clients to supplement their workout plans and diet. In response to high demand, Casey developed her own line of unpasteurized and raw fresh pressed juices named LizzyJaysJuice, after her two children Lizzy and JT who were there from the beginning giving her full support.
For years Casey studied holistic benefits of eating raw foods, drinking fresh juices and juice cleansing. After meticulously perfecting her fresh pressed juice recipes, Casey developed the LizzyJays 'Juice to Cleanse' program. Drawing from her experience while studying with industry leaders and cleanse experts, such as Natalia Rose, Casey molded the LizzyJays Cleanse into an approachable program for both advanced and beginning cleansers alike.
Casey and the LizzyJays team are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality juice matched with impeccable customer service. The experience of drinking LizzyJays fresh pressed juices and cleanse program will be enjoyable and rewarding! The LizzyJays Support Team is also available to educate clients about cleansing and adopting juicing into their lifestyle.

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