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Welcome! Digital LifeCloud is a service of Delphi Digital, Inc. We offer online personal management tools to individuals, families, and organizations. There is a convergence of trends that has created the need for Delphi Digital’s products and why individuals, families, and organizations are spending time and money on them:
  • A “Sandwich Generation” of caregivers has emerged with parents living longer and having children later - individuals are pressed for time taking care of children, parents, even grandparents while maintaining a full time job and career path.
  • Until now, there have been no comprehensive personal online management tools. What few tools that have been available are single focus (e.g. health, financial, home and family are all separate products).
  • Digital LifeCloud is also particularly useful and appreciated by people with health issues, such as cancer, which require the patient or family to accumulate personal health records and make the information available immediately anywhere in the world. Doctors and hospitals typically only have records on services they provided, and it is up to the patient to retain the complete picture for second opinions, specialists, and consultations.
By storing and making available key information from secured servers, many family/household issues and emergencies can be handled faster and more efficiently - which helps decrease stress and improve the quality of life for those who have purchased Digital LifeCloud.
Digital LifeCloud’s organized structure enables you to easily upload your important files and documents, and guides you with gathering your information through online pre-formatted forms. Access your important information: medical, home, autos, memories, pet, and much more! It will give you peace of mind in the event of an emergency and enable you to easily find what you need within seconds.

FREE BONUS ITEMS offered on Digital LifeCloud

Cherished Memories – (SOLD OUT ON QVC)
“Cherished Memories” offers organized questions within all of the life stages. This enables you to capture your life story or to interview a loved one. This also makes an exceptional gift – simply print it out and put it in a binder – it makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, or for any special occasion. (Note: there is a short video in Digital LifeCloud which further explains Cherished Memories)
Saving Our Parents, an Award Winning Documentary hosted by Golden Globe Winner Ed Asner
Featuring real-life events, Saving our Parents is a startling demonstration of the potential pitfalls facing today’s aging adults. Exposing scams and the devious crooks that may have us or our parents in their cross-hairs, this compelling documentary delivers a message that will both empower and motivate.
Professionals, experts and “victims” share life-saving knowledge and inspirational insights with candor, their heartfelt message guiding us, our parents and our loved ones safely into the golden years.
Free Printable and “Smart” Forms
“Printable Forms” offers a huge selection of forms from our award winning products (written by staff at Delphi Health Products). The categories include: personal, home, family, medical, pet, financial, legal, and insurance. This approach provides you with another option to guide you with gathering your important information. You can enter your information directly into the forms, save the forms into your computer, and then upload them into your relevant folders in Digital LifeCloud. Another option is to print out these forms, complete them by hand and put them into a binder if you prefer that method.

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