Matthew Mandrus: Childhood Liver Transplant

My name is Matthew Mandrus. I was born and raised just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. In my small town, I had so much energy and was living a perfect upbringing. I loved Marry Poppins and other Disney movies and was reenacting them at the age of 3 and 4. I wanted to entertain people and make them laugh. I was creative.


Part 29 - College Life and Motivation


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About Matthew Mandrus

My youth took a turn when I had both Liver Failure and Lymphoma at the age of four. Through my family's support and brilliant doctors, my life was saved and I was given not a second, but a third chance at life. It took a big toll on not only me, but my parents as well. it was tough because I had so much energy and wit. It all dispersed once my life became engulfed in doctors appointments, check ups and blood tests. 
The list goes on, as I was also diagnosed with Pulmonary hypertension. But things are different now. I was lucky enough to make some of the most amazing friends, have supportive and encouraging parents and continue living on. I fell in love with filmmaking and it has become the vessel that I fill with creativity. If If I were to send a message out, it would be to the parents reading this. Believe in your child and stay strong for them. They need you. 

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