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The impact of exercise and sleep on depression varies by gender

 7 months ago       122 Views

For some people, getting enough exercise and quality sleep can alleviate depressive symptoms almost as effectively as antidepressants alone, research has shown.

But a new University of Michigan study suggests that exercise and sleep impact depression differently in men and women.

Principal investigator Weiyun Chen, an associate professor of kinesiology, and first author Ana Cahuas looked at exercise and sleep patterns in more than 1,100 college students at Beijing University. Participants completed three questionnaires assessing depressive symptoms, physical activity habits and sleep patterns.

For men, vigorous and moderate physical activity helped protect against depression, Chen said. However, for women, no level of physical activity significantly impacted depression. Although there’s a dearth of female-focused research, this contradicts general conclusions that regular physical activity helps reduce depression.

Author: @DailyCupofYoga


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