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O Canada: What our neighbors to the north can teach us about health care reform

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O Canada: What our neighbors to the north can teach us about health care reform.

As two physicians who have practiced medicine in Canada, now working respectively in Toronto and Boston, we ask this question: Are there lessons that Canada can teach America about health care, particularly in this time of change?

The Canadian system for health care is complex, just as is the US system.

This success makes the Canadian example worth considering for the US, or at least learning from.

How has Canada been effective at providing care and containing costs?

First, to Canadians, health care is more than a matter of money and medicine: It is an expression of core national values.

In other words, when there is national agreement on the fundamental importance of health care for all, the remaining debate is around matters of fine-tuning and making the system better.

We suggest that a broader national conversation among Americans about our collective responsibility for health as a public good is essential if we are to find a solution that transcends this political moment.

To make progress on providing sensible health care, the US needs to decide what having a health care “system” means to Americans.

His book, “Healthier: Fifty Thoughts on the Foundations of Population Health,” will be published in June.

Author: Danielle Martin and Sandro Galea


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