How to help your child manage their diabetes

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How to help your child manage their diabetes.

Diabetes type 1, formerly called juvenile diabetes, is a life-changing event and can be particularly difficult to manage with children in their tweens and teens.

Sabrina Gallo, Colby’s mom, agrees that type 1 diabetes is a life-altering disease — not only for the child but the parents.

Children with type 1 have to take insulin daily to live.

Yet Emily Young, who was diagnosed in high school, believes it’s important for tweens and teens to learn how to manage their diabetes themselves.

Just take the time to figure things out and take care of yourself,” she said.

“Everything you do as a child will have an impact on you as an adult,” Young added.

Meanwhile parents have to figure out a way to get their teens to follow their medically necessary regimen without biting their heads off, Rube said.

“Whenever she’s down, I tell her to check her blood sugar,” Hernandez said.

You have to learn how to let yourself manage the disease instead of the disease managing you.” “You’re not different, you just have to take a couple of steps more each day than other people do,” said Young, now 26 and involved in a study at the Diabetes Research Insitute.

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