Breast Milk and Probiotics Could Reduce Risk of Diabetes, Asthma and Cancer in Babies: Study

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According to a latest study, breastfeeding babies who receive probiotic supplements for three weeks improve have better gut health, thus protecting the baby from diabetes, asthma and cancer risks.

Lead author Mark Underwood said that even though they stopped giving the probiotic on day 28 of life, the particular organisms they gave stayed in their fecal community out to 60 days and even longer.

The team further said that the disruption of the microbiota, particularly early in life, could put a person in the risk of several diseases-both inside the gut and out.

In the first group, 34 mothers fed their newborns a three-week course of Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis EVC001, a probiotic supplement.

The findings revealed that larger populations of B. infantis, which improves gut health was present in newborns who received supplementation than in the infants who did not.Those colonies persisted for at least 30 days after the end of supplementation, suggesting that the changes were durable.

Breastmilk forms one of the first sources of nutrition for the baby.

Ms. Anju Majeed, Director and Senior Scientist at Sami Labs, suggests some of most prominent spices or galactogogues that can come handy.

Methi seeds should be soaked overnight, boiled and strained and had every morning to increase milk supply.

Shatavari: This traditional herb has been used to cure the problem of insufficient milk supply in nursing mothers for long.

Cumin: An integral part of Indian cuisine, cumin is a great remedy for stimulating milk production.

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