GeneCentric: The Next Generation of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

GeneCentric is leading the industry in the advanced classification of cancers for more effective drug development and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients. Cancer Subtype Platform (CSP™), our proprietary core technology, identifies biologic subtypes through an integrated analysis of tumor genomics, leading to rational clinical trial design, accurate prediction of drug response, more efficient target selection in drug development and improved treatment outcomes.
CSP™ is driving our promising pipeline of oncology diagnostics, with an initial focus on lung cancer and head and neck cancer. CSP™ has demonstrated clinical utility and has significant potential for drug development, drug repurposing and life cycle management. Our first product, which was developed using CSP™ and is available as HistoPlusSM: Lung Cancer, was launched with our partner LabCorp®.
With our game-changing technology platform, robust pipeline, experienced leadership team, and business model that enables the rapid development of genomic tumor classifers, GeneCentric is revolutionizing cancer treatment.


(919) 973-6544

(919) 973-6544

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GeneCentric’s Lung Subtyping Predictor (LSPTM) provides a comprehensive and objective picture of lung tumor biology by identifying tumor subtypes with greater reproducibility than has ever been possible with morphology-based methods. With our pharmaceutical and laboratory partners, LSPTM is changing the taxonomy of lung cancer to improve drug candidate selection and clinical trial design, and provide better treatment guidance for clinicians and patients.
Our first-generation LSPTM classifies tumors into squamous, adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine (small cell and carcinoid) lung cancer with more reproducibility than traditional methods. LSP™ was independently redeveloped and validated by our commercial partner, Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp®), and is available as HistoPlusSM: Lung Cancer.
GeneCentric’s second-generation LSPTM, currently undergoing validation, builds on HistoPlusSM: Lung Cancer, further classifying adenocarcinoma subtypes with differential drug response profiles, prognosis, and risk of brain metastasis. LSPTM derived subtypes provide unprecedented insights into therapeutic response for patient management and drug development.

GeneCentric Strategic Collaborations

A GeneCentric Strategic Collaboration integrates GeneCentric’s unique strengths with our partner’s capabilities to rapidly and efficiently advance drug development and companion diagnostics. GeneCentric’s novel core technology platform, Cancer Subtype Platform (CSPTM), provides drug developers with the ability to identify new cancer subtypes and stratify patient response to therapy more precisely. Our intellectual property (IP) portfolio, bioinformatics resources and expertise provide insight into molecular pathways and potential hypotheses for better patient selection.
Our partnering capabilities include:
  • Pre-qualifying drug targets in-silico for pharma and biopharma prior to in-licensing or in-house development
  • Identifying optimal patient cohorts
  • Trouble-shooting study data in Phases I-III
  • Developing subtype-based, commercialization-ready companion diagnostics
GeneCentric seeks to creatively structure deals that benefit both partners, ranging from services to at-risk co-development.
If you’re interested in partnering with GeneCentric, contact us at

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is a heterogeneous disease with multiple tumor types and varying prognosis and treatment responses. Advanced disease is associated with a 40-50 percent recurrence rate following primary treatment. Better classification tools are needed to inform therapeutic choices and improve survival.
Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is an important risk factor, but infection is present in only a subset of cases and knowledge of HPV status alone is not sufficient to guide treatment.
We are applying our Cancer Subtyping Platform (CSPTM) to develop a comprehensive picture of head and neck tumor subtypes that will guide drug development, clinical trials and patient treatment.

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