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About Ashrams for Autism:

The science of yoga as a therapeutic tool and lifestyle can help to heal and balance anyone on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This yogic lifestyle has made a profound change in my daughter’s life and, I believe, in the lives of many other students.”
- Sharon Manner
Ashrams for Autism’s creation grew out of a mother’s love for her daughter and a desire to heal individuals through yoga. Sharon Manner firmly believes that the autism community can feel peace and dignity within themselves by utilizing yogic techniques. She has seen first-hand the healing effects of yoga and is on a mission to provide mindfulness programs and services for this population.
Sanctuary for those that have “aged out” of school systems or have been isolated from society is one of the driving forces behind Sharon’s mission.

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Our Mission

The mission of Ashrams for Autism is to create yoga programs and facilities where individuals with autism can live, work, play and contribute to their community. Utilizing yogic techniques and modern-day scientific advances, these faculties will seek to empower and guide each individual towards peacefully achieving their highest potential.

Our Vision

Started in 2010, Ashrams for Autism grew out of Sharon’s love for her daughter Kerri, who is on the spectrum, and her passion for Yoga. The programs were developed to bring those on the spectrum peace and dignity. Sharon's vision for Ashrams for Autism is to build and grow an ashram community.

What people are saying

"Malika benefited so greatly from being apart of Ashrams for Autism. She truly loved being a part of the group and doing the yoga steps. She was able to use a lot of the techniques at home and they came in handy with helping cope when upset etc. I remember she was having a very off day at home and I said in passing we weren't going to class because I feared she would be too disruptive. She begged me not to cancel and it helped to shape the rest of her day. I'm so grateful to the Ashrams group, they were so kind to all the children and Malika just adored everyone. It brought tears to my eyes how much she loved taking part in these sessions."
- Irene, parent of Kidz Stop program participant

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