What are the treatment options for hepatitis C?

Antiviral medication
Hepatitis C is treated with antiviral medications intended to clear the virus from the body. The goal of treatment is to have no hepatitis C virus detected in the body at least 12 weeks after completion of treatment.
Liver transplantation
If chronic hepatitis C infection have developed into serious complications, liver transplantation may be an option. During liver transplantation, the damaged liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver. 
hepatitis c treatment

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From Our Blog: World Hepatitis Day
Did you know that about 1.4 million people die from viral hepatitis? World Hepatitis Day this year is Friday, July 28th. Educate others about hepatitis, learn some prevention tips and treatments for this disease.
world hepatitis day hepatitis treatment


From Our Blog: Infant Immunizations & Their Lifesaving Importance
Vaccinations are a powerful, proven tool in the fight to prevent childhood infections.  Because of the widespread use of vaccines in the United States, we have seen a dramatic decline in the number of children who suffer from deadly diseases such as polio, chicken pox, hepatitis B, and whooping cough.  Immunization of children with the recommended vaccines, on schedule, is one of the safest and most advanced means of preventing infection.
(Note: There is currently no approved vaccination to prevent contracting hep C, though there are promising ones in development. Chronic hep C patients are advised to be vaccinated for both hep A and hep B).
immunization hep c treatment infographic


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