How does epilepsy affect daily life?

Epilepsy can get in the way of normal daily living, especially when seizures keep recurring. Seizures can make it difficult to attend work, school, drive a car, and maintain an active social life. Uncontrolled seizures can increase the risk of injury, depression, anxiety, and sometimes death. Also, epilepsy treatment can lead to fatigue.


Self-management, or what you do to take care of yourself, is extremely important to have an active and full life while living with epilepsy. Some self-management skills to learn include:

  • Taking medication as prescribed
  • Managing stress
  • Getting enough quality sleep
  • Educate yourself about the disorder
  • Exercise regularly and safely
  • Be open with healthcare team and family/friends
  • Keep a record of seizures and recognize triggers



Being safe is particularly important when you have epilepsy. You should be prepared with strategies to prevent injuries when a seizure does occur:

  • If balance is poor or you are falling, talk to doctor about medication side effects
  • Never swim alone and wear a life jacket during water activities
  • Regular exercise to maintain bone health
  • Wear a helmet when biking, climbing or other activities with risk for injury
  • Wear medical alert jewelry to ensure prompt medical treatment



Driving. Every state restricts or puts limits on driving for people with epilepsy. Know the laws of your state, be honest with the DMV and your doctor, and do not attempt to drive if you are experiencing recent seizures or other symptoms.



Stigma is commonly experienced around the world by people with epilepsy. They can be affected economically, socially, and culturally. It may be used to deny marriage in some countries, and in other places it is seen as a sign of being cursed or possessed. 

living with epilepsy

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