How does depression affect daily life?

Symptoms usually are severe enough to cause noticeable problems in day-to-day activities. Depressed individuals may notice:
  • Pain and physical illness
  • Alcohol or substance misuse
  • Anxiety, panic disorder or social phobia
  • Family conflicts, relationship difficulties, and work or school problems
  • Social isolation
  • Suicidal feelings, suicide attempts or suicide
  • Self-mutilation, such as cutting
  • Premature death from other medical conditions 
  • Learn about depression. Knowledge is key to helping you stick to treatment and overcome depression.
  • Stick to your treatment plan. Do not stop medication or therapy without talking to your health-care provider first. It is important to continue treatment to avoid relapse of symptoms or withdrawal from medication.
  • Pay attention to warning signs. Learn what might trigger your depression symptoms. Consult with your health-care provider on how to manage triggers.
  • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Talk to your health-care provider if you need help with alcohol or substance use.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, be physically active and get plenty of sleep. 
living with depression

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(Watch) 360 Interview Series: Kyllian Warman - Youth Caregiver 
Part 18: Helping with Depression

Kyllian talks about how to help with young caregivers who may be dealing with depression.  Also, she talks about the important tool of self-awareness in combating the symptoms of depression that her mother instilled in her.  


kyllian warman interview series depression



(Watch) h360 LIVE: Elizabeth Duplay - Cyberbullying and Mental Illness Awareness

(Originally aired 1/3/17)
Join Dave from healtheo360 as he sits down with Elizabeth Duplay, a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh studying environmental engineering. They will be talking about cyberbullying and mental illness awareness.
h360 LIVE Elizabeth Duplay depression


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