What are the common symptoms of deafness?

Signs and symptoms associated with hearing loss and deafness depend on the cause and if the person was born being deaf or their deafness was acquired. People who are deaf are considered to have profound hearing loss and are unable to understand speech through hearing. People with profound hearing loss can hear little to no sound. They are unable to hear anything lower than 95 decibels or more. 
Signs of a potential hearing problem in toddlers and children may include:
  • The child falls behind his/her peers in terms of oral communication
  • The child frequently says “what?” or “pardon?”
  • When the child speaks, it is typically very loud
  • When the child speaks, it may not be clear


Signs of a hearing problem in babies and newborns may include:


  • Before 4 months old, the baby does not turn their head toward a noise
  • By 12 months, the baby has not said any words
  • The baby does not get startled by loud noises
  • The baby responds when they see someone, but does not respond or minimally responds when someone is out of sight and calls their name
deafness symptoms

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