How does Alzheimer’s disease affect daily life?

 Memory loss and other symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease can have a very significant impact on numerous aspects of daily life for both the patient and caregiver. As the disease progresses, the affected person often requires some form of outside assistance. There are no treatments to stop or reverse the progression of the disease, so the burden of the caregiver increases over time. Pressures include social, psychological, physical, and economic elements.

  • Early stages of the disease may only affect the person’s ability to learn and retain information, and symptoms are often assumed to be related to aging. Assistance may only be needed for cognitively demanding activities and planning.
  • Moderate stages are characterized by increasing difficulty to maintain independence for most activities of daily living. The increased risk of falls, behavioral changes, and resistance to caregiving can cause stress to mount for caregivers and family members.
  •  Advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease feature complete dependence on caregivers. The affected person may have to be moved from home care to other long-term care facilities. This can reduce stress for relatives and caregivers.


Direct and indirect costs of caring for an Alzheimer’s patient average between $18,000 and $77,500 per year in the United States, with varying study results. In developed countries, Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most financially costly diseases.


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