About Us

healtheo360 is a "Caring Community" where patients living with chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and many others come to find support, encouragement and information.

The healtheo360 community includes patients, their caregivers, family members and friends who come to share their personal healing stories so that others may find inspiration and motivation as they go through the journey of living with their condition. Members share their health related stories and learn from each other through discussion. We encourage you to upload your story via video testimonies but we also offer blogging for those who are more comfortable with that method of sharing. At healtheo360 we believe in the healing power of story telling and how beneficial it is to share your story as well as to learn from other people with similar experiences.

David Duplay founded healtheo360 in 2013 after his sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and his mother with Alzheimer’s disease. After unsuccessful efforts with other support groups, due in part to the widening age gap between members of these groups, the family was forced to search for other outlets of social support. In response, healtheo360 was started.

Our services include Virtual Social Therapy (VST), peer counseling, support groups, educational publications and access to hundreds of videos. All services offered on our site are completely free of charge and everyday we are working to raise awareness of all chronic conditions.

Peer Counseling

Members share their personal stories for the entire community to watch and learn from. Comments are allowed and encouraged to promote lively discussions. Share as much or as little as you want and gain new friends who are interested in the same health related topics as you.

Support Groups

Led by community moderators, our support groups allow you to connect with others in similar situations in order to share information and experiences. With over 20 different condition specific groups, and growing, we are constantly striving to make your voice heard. Don’t see your condition listed? Don’t worry! Simply upload your story and a new group will be created specifically for your needs.

Educational Publications

Our reliable and current blog content is designed specifically to teach and engage users with a wide variety of health related news in an entertaining and engaging way. By covering everything from weight management to healthy living with medical imagery, graphics and animation, healtheo360 gives members access to the issues they care most about.


Made by members “Just Like You”, our library of videos are health journals covering symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, remission, and various other health topics. Doctors, patients, caregivers, nurses, family members and friends all play a role in the healtheo360’s caring community.

Our mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable platform that allows you to have an outlet of support when you need it most. healtheo360 will continue to focus on health issues, reliable content and supportive communities that are important to you, your family and friends.

healtheo360 was developed with one purpose in mind - To provide our members with a safe online community to find support, encouragement, inspiration and a sense of belonging.

Real People, Real Stories, Real Life®.


Meet the healtheo360 Leadership Team:

David S. Duplay - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Kamerschen - Non-Executive Chairman & Partner, Former Chairman and CEO of ADVO, Inc.

Timothy J. Foley - Senior Vice President

Courtland Long, MPH - Vice President, Marketing and Community Management | Partner

David Hassrick - Chief Sustainability Officer


David S. Duplay: A business and technology strategist for the healthcare industry with a heritage in healthcare marketing, communications and technology. Dave has dedicated his career to finding ways to leverage advanced and emerging technologies to advance the delivery of healthcare, and provide patients and caregivers ways to communicate with each other and the medical community. Dave's work expands across almost all conditions areas.


Robert Kamerschen: Mr. Kamerschen is a very successful change and transformation leader in a number of sales and marketing driven industries, a highly experienced outside director of public and private companies and personal investor. From 1988 until 1999, Mr. Kamerschen served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ADVO, Inc., the nation’s largest direct mail microtargeting services company with $1 billion in annual revenue (NYSE). Mr. Kamerschen has also served as CEO of DIMAC, Inc., RKO/Six Flags Entertainment, Inc., and Max Factor, Inc. He has also been EVP-Group Executive of Norton Simon, Inc. overseeing five major companies as well as President of Marketing Corporation of America and Chanel Inc. Finally, he has served in senior level marketing and sales positions at Revlon, Inc., Dunkin Donuts, Inc. and Scott Paper Company. Mr. Kamerschen is currently on the Board of Directors of MDC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ and TSE) along with several private companies. He has previously served on a number of public boards including RadioShack (NYSE), Linens n Things (NYSE), Vertrue, Inc. (NASDAQ), IMS Health (NYSE), R. H. Donnelley (NYSE) and Playboy Enterprises (NYSE) among others.


Timothy J. Foley: As a business and operations strategist for the healthcare industry and former president of Cardiac Rhythm Associates of New Jersey, Tim has focused his career on developing solutions designed to support patients and caregivers. Prior to joining Cardiac Rhythm Associates, Tim served as a Territory Manager and Consultant for Guidant, which was acquired by Boston Scientific and St. Jude Medical in their Cardiac Units. Tim started his sales and marketing career with Merck where he launched numerous products. Tim earned his B.S. in Accounting from LaSalle University and an M.S. and M.B.A. from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Courtland Long, MPH: As a healthcare strategist and advocate, Courtland has been designing patient and caregiver strategies and managing multi-channel health and wellness educational programs for patients and caregivers for more than 8 years. Prior to joining healtheo360, Courtland managed marketing and fitness programs for a New York City based start-up designed to build a strong social community around fitness activities. In addition to managing healtheo360’s community and marketing functions, Courtland oversees the primary day-to-day contact team for client projects, starting with program development through execution. Courtland’s team is also responsible for working with our clients to develop innovative health videos and educational content to promote better health, wellness and improved outcomes. Courtland received her Bachelor’s of Art in International Affairs & Global Public Health from The George Washington University, her Master's of Public Health from Temple University and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Vital Options International.


David Hassrick: an environmental consultant who has been providing environmental liability analysis for corporations across North America. Dave's primary practice area has focused on re-positioning of environmentally impaired real estate and working with global companies to improve their environmental footprint for long-term growth and sustainability.