Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

healtheo360 is committed to building a sustainable, environmentally friendly community through the use of policies and practices which reduce environmental impact. We continually look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and grow environmental awareness both internally and externally. Our team is experienced with ISO 14000, LEED and other important programs which drive business to achieve sustainable solutions.
Some of the key principals that drive our commitment include:
  • Innovation and technology. healtheo360 is, by design, a sustainable company. We operate virtually allowing community members to interact "real-time" through the use of the best available technology. We continually evaluate technological changes which increase our overall operational efficiency.
  • Use of energy efficient data centers. IT operations are critical to our business application. We strive to use the most energy efficient platforms which follow strict environmental protocols.
  • Green procurement practices. We strive to purchase materials and services manufactured in a sustainable manner. Recognize the need to reduce energy use and reduce waste. Evaluate cost/benefits in sourcing decisions.
  • Green commuting. We support and encourage reduction in commuting and operating virtually in our urban centers.
  • Program awareness such as Energy Star and others that promote use of energy efficient equipment.
We continually evaluate our practices to assure we are incorporating these principals in our business decisions. We are committed to building a sustainable community. 

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