Kyllian Warman: Youth Caregiver

Kyllian Warman is a college student, a daughter, a sister, a 14 time marathon athlete, a charity advocate, a caregiver, but most importantly a friend to all.


Part 19 - What's Next?


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About Kyllian Warman

While the term Youth Caregiver may have defined the majority of this 21-year-old's life, it certainly has not defined the person she is today. She now works for Caregivers of New Jersey, Advocating for the 1.3 Million children in the U.S who can be defined as Youth Caregivers, while she continues to cherish the lesson she not so long ago learned, that defined her mission to be grateful for life.  She does this by doing incredible amounts of Philanthropy work for countless Charities like running marathons for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and visiting the children of ChangeA Life Uganda, while studying to get her Masters in Non Profit Development and Organizational Leadership.

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